Keswick Island - Whitsundays

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Whitsunday Holiday
Keswick’s coral reef offers something for everyone.

Marine Life

Relax, re-energise and rediscover the beauty that surrounds you – make your way along the reef, meander through the mangroves, meet marine species, and marvel at the many fish, whales, turtles and manta rays that call Keswick Island home.

Reef, caves and swim-throughs

Keswick’s coral reef offers something for everyone, from swim-through caves and deep canyons to wide shallows, teeming with marine life.


Whale WatchingKeswick Island offers some of the best vantage points for watching the majestic humpback whales during their annual migration along the Queensland coast – June to October. The waters around the Whitsunday islands are shallow, sheltered and warn, so it’s the ideal calving ground and nursery for newborn whales. The narrow passage between Keswick and St Bees Islands is a popular thoroughfare for whales, providing a spectacular and unique opportunity to view these creatures only metres from the shore.


Playful dolphins are regularly spotted around Keswick Island, and are truly a delight to watch.

Tropical fishWhitsunday-fish

The Great Barrier Reef, and the Keswick Island region specifically, are home to some of the most exciting, exotic and rare marine life in the world.

Manta rays

Whether you are sailing, snorkelling, diving, fishing or kayaking, spotting a manta ray is an unforgettable experience. These gentle giants, measuring up to 4 metres wide, are at times found swimming gracefully around Keswick.

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