Keswick Island - Whitsundays

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Whitsunday Holiday
Keswick is a bird watcher’s paradise.


Keswick is a bird watcher’s paradise.  The island is home to many different bird species, with sightings of at least 33 different birds documented to date – an impressive variety for an island of Keswick’s size.

These include:

  • Osprey, White Bellied Sea Eagles and Wedge-tailed Eagles
  • Brahminy Kites, Beach Stone Curlews and Pheasant Coucals
  • Orange Footed Scrub Fowls
  • Sulphur Crested Cockatoos
  • Pied Oyster Catchers and Sooty Oyster Catchers
  • Masked Lapwings and Yellow Bellied SunbirdsWhitsunday-bird-watching
  • Silver Gulls, Boobook Owls and Torresian Crows
  • Rainbow Lorikeets
  • Welcome Swallows and Pied Currawongs
  • Red Gos Hawks and Brown Gos Hawks
  • Willy Wagtails and White Faced Herons
  • Reef Egrets, Wandering Tattlers and Pacific Black Ducks
  • Leaden Flycatchers
  • Dusky Honeyeaters and Red Wattlebirds
  • White Bellied Cuckoo Shrikes
  • Mistletoe Birds and Spangled Drongos
  • Eastern Koels….and many more.

The ground dwellers are easy to spot, often crossing the road up ahead or making their way along the grassy verges as you drive along in your buggy.  Curlews & Lapwings will lay eggs just about anywhere, not even bothering to build the most rudimentary nest.  Sea Eagles & Kites build large nests, usually on cliff tops, and are known to re-use the same nest year after year. Notable nests on Keswick have been seen at Langton Point and near Singapore Bay.  Eagles’ nests are best viewed from a boat.

Most birds nest in spring but there are plenty to be seen whatever time of year you visit this island paradise.  Visit Keswick Kiosk for more information.