Keswick Island - Whitsundays

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Whitsunday Holiday
Keswick boasts many different butterflies.

Butterflies & Fire Flies


The butterflies on Keswick Island are a sight to behold.  Keswick boasts many different butterflies, with the most prolific being the spectacular Tiger Blue.  These colourful creatures can be found in their millions at certain times of the year, particularly when the grasstrees are in flower, creating a breathtaking sight.

Fire Flies

If you find yourself on Keswick after dark during the summer months, with any luck the fire flies will be out.  Fire flies produce light by a chemical process called bioluminescence. They can be spotted by their flashing lights on the edges of paths & roads during an evening walk, but are more likely to be seen flying above your bed if you wake during the night – it’s a magical site.