Keswick Island - Whitsundays

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Whitsunday Holiday
Keswick Island is home to a great variety of native vegetation.

Flora & Trees

Keswick Island is home to a great variety of native vegetation.  Many interesting trees and smaller plants can be seen on walks around the island including sweet smelling native gingers, the rough leaved sandpaper fig, and the edible bush cherry or coastal lilly pilly.


Of special interest are the magnificent cycads, growing here on Keswick for perhaps over 1,000 years.  These towering sentinels are in excess of 10 metres tall.


The masses of grasstrees (Xanthorrhoea) that line the Keswick landscape provide a striking view.


Another notable feature of the Connie Bay area is the paperbark or melaleuca forest, located adjacent to the beach.  There are several trees here topping 25 metres and they often play host to native elk horns and basket ferns growing amongst their topmost branches.