Keswick Island - Whitsundays

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Whitsunday Holiday
Visit our tropical oasis in the Whitsundays.


Keswick Island is a tropical oasis located in the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park, off the Queensland coast.

Whitsunday Islands – Great Barrier Reef Marine Park

Great-Barrier-ReefThe area is a designated UNESCO World Heritage Site for its natural beauty, rich ecosystem and its historical and archaeological interest.  Over 900 islands scattered throughout the Reef’s turquoise waters offer plenty of opportunity for exploring and it is to the Whitsundays that the majority of visitors make their pilgrimage.

Peppered across the glistening turquoise waters, midway between the international tourism gateway of Cairns and Queensland’s capital city, Brisbane, the Whitsundays is an archipelago of 74 breathtaking islands which are right at the very heart of the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park.  Separated from the mainland after the last Ice Age, the islands are now home to unique species of flora and fauna, vibrant corals and some of the most rare and exotic marine species in the world.

Keswick Island

Keswick IslandCharted by Captain Cook on his maiden voyage, Keswick Island has remained one of the area’s best-kept secrets. It is part of the pristine Cumberland Group, a sub-section of the southern Whitsundays which includes St Bees, Aspatria, Scawfell, Calder, Wigton and Cockermouth, with Brampton Island lying 7km to the north.

Keswick Island is a natural paradise boasting sheltered bays of exquisite beauty, high vantage points with 360-degree views, lush forests and craggy outcrops.  With approximately 80% of Keswick’s 1,277 acres designated as National Park, there is no better place to experience the exquisite nature of the tropics, first-hand.  All this is only a stone’s throw from the tropical Queensland city of Mackay.  With it’s ease of accessibility, Keswick is the ideal destination for a weekend retreat or a longer stay.